Change We Must All Embrase

Driver of a taxi in the Bahamas
The following paragraphs were written on our Facebook page to inspire discussion. This is while we were in another mandatory lockdown weekend only days before the country proposed a second reopening of the tourism sector. This is in the face of a US advisory to its nationals not to travel to the Bahamas for concerns over our current health care systems challenges with the international pandemic. We may be facing a crisis well into 2021 that is hurting our local economy. We are looking for supports, visitors, and well-wishers to aid us in our efforts. You can start by using our app to help keep our drivers busy.
This morning I sat and did my daily devotions and prayed as I usually do before I get started on my daily agenda. As I reflected I struggled with what I view as a poor outlook for taxi and public service drivers. I asked myself, “what more can we do to assist those who have seen our vision and joined Let’s Go Bahamas app service and the public?”
I began by recapping what we already offer as I recognize that Let’s Go Bahamas have got to give the public value in benefits. So what do we currently offer: 1. Best in price with a $5.00 flat rate and the ability to get a quote on the price in advance.
2. Security as they can book through a secure network and recognize their driver from the profile picture.
3. Safety as the ride is often limited to you, with family or co-workers only.
4. Contact tracing as they get their receipt.
5. Option to pre-book.
6. Track your ride to your destination.
7. Option to call the assigned driver.
How then can we make this more accessible and affordable? I thought to get one of the cellular networks to back us for data as it is in the best interest that the nation’s health. So maybe Aliv or BTC may be interested in this. And then payment options to be expanded to include others.
As I pondered more about single parents and persons like myself who have been layoff because of the pandemic… I still want to be able to support more. We all need to change how we do business going forward.
Finally, we are on the side of drivers in the fight to survive as small business operators. We have made it free to sign up and require nothing more than simply downloading our drivers’ app and apply to get onboard. Let’s Go Bahamas hope that we all see the other side sooner. However, from where we stand we still need to make the cultural and public behavior change faster. We can do it together!


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