This is our F.A.Q. section, where you can learn more about us and how you book a taxi, choose a driver, download our app and use it and much more. If your question is not mentioned here feel free to contact us and we’ll be happy to help you. Whatsapp is a great tool

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1. Where can you book us?

In this section you will information on how and where you can find our taxis.

On the app // LPIA Bahamas International Airport.
Advance scheduling when traveling // Cruise ships ports
Hotels // simply select your taxi from the app and wait for your car
When outside of the Bahamas // Use the app to advance schedule a future pickup point in The Bahamas.
Paradise Island // You can use the app there too.


While taxi stands will continue to exist there is no need to search for one. Use the app to book a taxi to wherever you want to go. Our drives are all locals and have been voted by us. They are clean and are mandated to keep a high standard. Another reason is to be safe…someone else knows you took a taxi and who your driver was. We have a lost and found for items that may have been left in one of our cars. Download the app today!

  • Go to your app store and download the app and install giving the necessary permissions.
  • Create an account with a profile pick so your driver can recognize you.
  • Through scheduling, you can book your first future ride with us. It’s in the top right-hand corner of the screen. Select your pickup location and where you want to go. Follow the steps and we will come to meet you.
  • Use our booking form on the home page. This is also the preferred way to book special tours or special events.
  • Was the vehicle clean as it relates to the weather conditions? I mean if it raining, of course, the car will be wet
  • Was your driver helpful, informative, and friendly?
  • Were you comfortable?
  • Was the driver in place to receive you?

This section is for those who haven’t found their answer as yet. Please click on the link more answers

2. our taxis

Learn more about our cars and our drivers.

This is the power behind the app for the consumer because before you arrive you can choose your class. Please be selective as for many people ‘size does matter’. All of our drivers, cars, and service will get you to your destinations safely. Your personal comfort and expectation matters. With the new protocols, some vehicles only can carry two persons. No passengers allowed in the front seat next to driver

Everyone has their preferences. In the past I have seen some people love the colorful, other the quiet and some the funny. It’s all about having fun and living the experience. All of our drivers are professional local drivers. They all know secrets about our island and can offer information on restaurants and things to do. You are in good hands….Let’s Go Bahamas

So you are having a special event and need not just a car but a bus or two for your guest. We can help. All we need is your dates, the number of persons in your party and the desired destination and possible time. Send us an email through our booking form.

Let’s Go Bahamas will arrange it all.

We are now in a new reality and there is still a lot of unknowns.  We want you to be sure that you have transportation when you arrive, who is meeting you at your arrival port, cost, and as you go that you are safe. We encourage you to book in the app at least two or three days in advance. Download the app today, Let’s Go Bahamas’  (Every Journey Begins With You).

Quite simply we would like to hear of your experience using our service and your stories of the time spent in the company of our drivers. Social media or write to us here

Look for us on Facebook or Instagram see you on your next visit.

3. lost & found

If an item is lost you can be sure that we will have it for you.

Based on the time that has passed please first try contacting the driver if it was left in the car? If it was left where he picked you up we may have another driver nearby – please have the driver message us! In the event that some time has passed, please follow the instructions under the other tab. We will do all we can to recover the item.

If this is an emergency, please call 911 or 919. If it is something related to our services, use the number on the header to WhatsApp us your message. If it is a case of leaving something in the car please call the driver from his contact in the app. If that fails WhatsApp us on the number on the site.

Lost and found items are either shipped after the fact or delivered to local residents. If it has to be shipped the cost of which will be your responsibility.

These things happen. Please write to us giving a description of the item, where and when you think that you may have left it. Send photos if possible. We will try our best.

If you have only just recognized that something may have been left in one of our cars and it has been some days. Please contact us and we will make an attempt to locate the item. These things happen and in that situation we all need help.

4. taxi app

More about our mobile app and how you can use it.

Simply go to your app store for android or IOS respectively and search “let’s go Bahamas”. After downloading you will go through a verification process. After which you will be required to give permissions and you are ready to go.

It helps the services to be better if your account has your image because then the driver knows who to look for.

Start today and you will be amazed of the technology employed. Yes we need to be precis.

You can use the app to schedule a ride from any place that we operate in the Bahamas. You can log on anywhere in the world. All of your transactions are encrypted and secure. Booking can be made up to 5 days in advance. Every journey begins with you.

The app is free! Some services can be paid in cash, however, with the current protocols in place best safety guidelines strongly suggest limiting the exchange of items. In that regard, we recommend that booking payment be done via credit or debit cards in the app.

Thank you for your support and business. We are always looking for ways to improve our service and better the guest experience. The app will have updates as technology gets better and requirements do too. If you have any questions or suggestions please message. Please note that it may take us at least 24 hours to get back to you but we will.

There are some things that add to your cost:

  • Driver waiting for more than 10 minutes. (.50 cents a minute subject to change.
  • To clean spilled drinks or damages to vehicles caused by guests.
  • Vomit is a deep cleaning charge along with time. Minimum $150.00
  • Canceled bookings after the driver have arrived and have been waiting. Please if your plans change cancel at least one hour before schedule time.