Taxi Services in the Bahamas 2020

In the Bahamas, taxi services have gone through many changes over the decades. As much as the model of cars has changed so too has the service demands, industry requirements, and expectations.

This is article is not intended to be a historical record but rather a simple comparison of some of the shifts the industry has taken in the last two decades.

One of the most noticeable changes in the industry has been the customer base. There was a time when locals could depend on a taxi to respond to a call for service but over the years that interest, reliability, and service have diminished to a few loyal drivers. This trend was further propagated by crime and uncertainty of safety when visiting unknown neighborhoods.

Taxi services have evolved to be centered around the tourist industry. As a result, the Bahamas Government and Ministry of Tourism have implemented different training programs. All drivers are required to do a driving test, knowledge test of local areas, produce a clean police record and traffic record to be approved for service. I believe it is one of the highest standards in the industry around the world.

Let’s Go-Bahamas app require all our driver’s to provide proof of professional standard by submitting their public service license. This ensures that our customers have certified and trained drivers for the tourism industry. As a driver on our platform, we enable our team with a tool that offers timely notifications, pickup locations and destination, directions, profile pictures, and contact information. This potent mix allows our driver to offer a degree of service that’s 5 stars. As a customer/rider you too will be offered the option to know your driver at least one hour or before you physically are greeted by him/her.

Finally, safety and good service win over price today. At Let’s Go Bahamas we offer a transparent and clear rate to all with a quote on all bookings. The driver has the flexibility to respond to special requests and add additional charges once agreed by the customer. Download the app today and avoid uncertainty, anxiety, and being overcharged. We are waiting to take you to your destination.

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