Do this before getting into a taxi

The Bahamas is a beautiful archipelago consisting of over 700 islands, located in the Caribbean. The Bahamas is a popular tourist destination, with its sandy beaches, crystal-clear waters, and tropical weather. When visiting the Bahamas, one of the primary concerns is transportation cost. Taxis are a popular mode of transportation in the Bahamas, and selecting the right taxi can ensure a safe and comfortable journey. This article discusses the factors to consider when selecting a taxi in the Bahamas, including safety, price, and service. Your driver is often the first local that you will have interaction with on your stay, so it’s not a casual decision.


Safety is a crucial factor to consider when selecting a taxi in the Bahamas but really any country. Visitors should ensure that they select a licensed taxi operator. Licensed taxi operators are required to follow certain regulations and undergo regular inspections to ensure that their vehicles are in good condition. Licensed taxi operators also have a better understanding of the local roads and can provide a safer and more efficient journey. They are prepared to answer question and offer relevant information that can impact your stay.

Visitors should also consider the safety features of the taxi they select. All cars should be equipped with functioning seat belts, airbags, and other safety features. It is also essential to ensure that the taxi is in good condition and has been regularly maintained. If the font of the vehicle is littered with clutter (stuff) or the driver makes your hair rise, stop! If on sitting in the vehicle you don’t fell well, stop!

It is also important to note that visitors should be cautious when flagging down taxis on the street. This practice we do not recommend! Call us and make a reservation and we will have a car to you 15 to 45 min based on where you are from popular sites. Visitors should ensure that the taxi has a visible license plate and that the driver has a valid license. Visitors should also avoid sharing taxis with strangers, particularly at night.


Price is another factor to consider when selecting a taxi in the Bahamas. Visitors should be aware that taxi fares are not strictly regulated in the Bahamas, and prices can vary significantly between taxi operators. Visitors should, therefore, be prepared to negotiate the fare with the taxi driver before starting the journey. There are standard rates but for best experience relying on a service like “Let’s Go Bahamas” can guarantee, fair price, clean vehicles every time, on time departures and arrivals.

Visitors should also be aware of additional charges that may apply, such as airport pickup fees or luggage fees. Visitors should ask the taxi driver about any additional charges before starting the journey to avoid any surprises. At Let’s Go Bahamas while extra-large luggage and extra bags will attract added fees 4 average bags will not.


Service is also an essential factor to consider when selecting a taxi in the Bahamas. Guest should select a taxi operator that provides reliable and efficient service. Visitors can research taxi operators online and read reviews from previous customers to assess the quality of service. We here at Let’s Go Bahamas excel in customer service We are five stars rated on Google. Please understand that we do this everyday and to maintain that rating we have got to meet and surpass expectations to attract these reviews. Whatsapp us today 1-242-801-8007 at least 48 hours before or write to us

Visitors should also consider the type of vehicle that the taxi operator provides. Guest should have a operator that provides a vehicle that is appropriate for their needs. For example, if visitors are traveling with a lot of luggage, family, baby, or extra large luggage. We use Nissan vans because they are elegant, very spacious and can accommodate a lot of luggage and grocery. Yes we offer a free 20 minute grocery stop with all pre booked round trips. This is of great value for many families and guest.

Finally, Guest can expect to be receive in a clean working vehicle and be extended great on-time service for a fair price. Take the worry and anxiety away for your first or next visit to the Bahamas and book in advance. We got you covered! Every ride begins and end with you in mind.


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