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You choose our service to be able to accomplish one thing and we are committed to that business transactions. Let’s Go Bahamas is here to get you your choice of vehicle and a driver that will get you to your destination. Your safety, convenience, and comfort are all important to us. Let’s Go Bahamas will provide:

  • A reliable source of booking through the app
  • A reliable and safe mood of  transportation
  • See your driver’s name and picture to be able to recognize him in advance.
  • Receive alerts when your driver and car has arrived.
  • Know your price in advance
  • Schedule your next transfer up to 5 days in advance. (Limited to only one booking at a time in-app).
  • An easy and safe way of paying for transportation.
  • Best safety practices used in the industry to ensure your safety.
  • Reliable local drivers are all trained, certified, and professional.
  • You can share your ride with family and friends. Track your route on your phone to your destination.
  • Rate and tip your driver at the end of your ride.
  • Coupons, free tickets, and invitations to exclusive events on the island

As a service-oriented app company, the Let’s Go Bahamas team must deliver a high level of courtesy and professionalism. Therefore, much attention is paid to the ratings given by the customer and driver assessments. General Conduct points are as follows:

  1. It is recommended that all riders respectably conduct themself at all times. Good language and pleasant demeanor can often encourage our team to give great tips.
  2. It is advised to use the app to book rides as it offers safety and google maps so records can be used.
  3. If you feel uncomfortable during or something was off during your ride please let us know.
  4. If your phone is dead you can ask your driver to enter a booking for your return ride.
  5. Sanitization of vehicle handles and public shared spaces can be requested before entering a vehicle.
  6. Booking calls can be accommodated between 20 minutes to 1 hour before the desired pickup.  There is no limit to how many calls you can place a day.
  7. If you must cancel a schedule or booked ride, please do so before the driver arrives (20 before pickup time if possible) to avoid cancellation charges.
  8. It is advised that guests should refrain from drinking, spewing, or doing anything that can distract drivers. Some of these actions can result in extra charges to remedy the problems.

As a rider, you will be expected to practice the best personal health safety practices.  The following is a list of things that should be submitted to maximize the use of the Let’s Go Bahamas App:

  1. Correct verified phone number
  2. Good photo as your profile picture so to help your driver recognize you
  3. Be mindful that payments are accepted via debit or credit cards. This service is provided by First Atlantic Commerce. Visa & Master Cards accepted. Special requests and bookings for tours are done via customer service please email or WhatsApp our number and we will get back to you.
  4. Notifications and Locations services.
  5. Please rate your travel experience after every ride..

Note: Other charges are luggage fees, bridge toll, and incidentals as requested during the ride from driver. These charges show up on the invoice as total luggage charges.

Please review the driver terms www.letsgobahama.com/rider-terms

Payment due are visible on your mobile device after every job is completed. They are also subtotaled for your convenience.

Payment will be processed every Thursday via direct deposits to the bank accounts on file. All payments will take into account the jobs completed after 5:00 PM on the Wednesday of the prior week to the current week’s Wednesday before 5:00 PM.


  1. How many can I be paid? As a driver, you can be paid for 1] driving over 2 Km to a pickup,2] waiting for more than 15 minutes after arrival, 3]after arriving for a pickup and there’s a cancellation, 4] a fulfilling a booking, luggage charges, 5] incidental request charges (utilize additional fare charge), 6] special tours and reserved through dispatch, and 7] there is a charge added for time if the customer wishes to stop.
  2. Do I need to work every day? No, this is your business and you operate it as you like. However, the system does require that you work or accept at least 5 calls a month.
  3. Am I required to wear a uniform? No, you do not but we request that you keep the public service establish dress code. VIP Black/Silver is asked to wear a dark-colored suit when answering calls.
  4. Is there a probation period? No, but we remind everyone that the customer and driver rate the experience.
  5. Who pays NIB? Let’s Go Bahamas is not responsible for paying any driver NIB as this is a contractual partnership.
  6. If a problem arises with a customer during a ride? Follow industry recommends protocols. In medical emergencies call 919 and drive to the nearest medical facility. If it is of a different nature then the nearest police stations may be the best course of action.
  7. Can I register two vehicles? Yes

The difference between the areas begins with the type of vehicles and then to the rate that is offered and finally, the level of service required.

We can establish that every driver registered on our service is a qualified professional and has the ability to deliver a quality product. We can also accept that everyone, is here to increase their take-home, do better business, and increase their customer base.

  • Taxi Classification: The vehicles in this class may be considered small to medium size and classed as taxis. The rate applied is the same per km for Business Class but the base is set at $20.00 (subject to change). Drivers are regulated by the public service act dress code. The anticipated service is professional, clean, on time and safe.
  •  Business/ Delivery: The vehicles in this class may be considered large high-end vehicles but not required to be under 7 yrs old. The rate applied to this class is set at a base of $45.00 (subject to change). Please note that the driver in this class are required to wear a tie and be ready to offer a higher level of service.

This class is reserved for those who have made a significant investment in their business. VIP Black/ Sliver is as the name suggest catering to the high-end service. The area begins with a monthly introductory registration of $25.00 (subject to change). The base rate is $100.00 (subject to change) in this class and the add on charges are exclusively are in $10.00 increments. What are the qualities of VIP Black/ Silver?

  • Vehicles: High-end large vehicles no later than 7 years old. (Inclusive of limousines)
  • The chauffeur has to be in the preferred dark-colored suit with a tie when working.
  • The level of service should be always ultra-high.
  • Drivers are well-manered individuals who are patient, prepared, and well-advised.

We will take you just about anywhere we can drive. From the airport to Atlantis on Paradise Island, to Sandals Hotel, to Bahamar, to RIU, Warrick, downtown, Hilton, to the Point, to Margaritaville, British Colonial Hilton Hotel, Airbnbs, Confort Suit, and more. Just enter your desired destination and you will be able to track your drive there. Our taxi services also include tours in Nassau Bahamas. We are near every major hotel and port. Pre-book up to five days in advance.

Best in class taxi services. We are the easiest and fastest way to book a taxi.

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