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As a taxi or limo car driver, you are in the industry to provide a service and be compensated via business transactions. Let’s Go Bahamas is here to help make those transactions more frequent and easier. So what can you expect after completing registration:

  • A reliable source of booking through the app
  • A reliable and stable platform to operate on
  • Get paid up to seven different ways.
  • Best communication practices used by our team for alerts when expected high traffic locations and times are anticipated.
  • Deposits twice every week for the days between deposits prior that you would have worked.
  • The backing and promotions by a dedicated team. Let’s Go Bahamas
  • A cashless less system. On your device, you will be able to see your earnings.

As a service-oriented app company, it is essential that the Let’s Go Bahamas team remains dedicated to the highest level of courtesy and professionalism. Therefore, much attention must and should be paid to the ratings given by the customer and driver assessments. General Conduct points are as follows:

  1. You are to conduct your self in a professional manner with the guest at all times. Good language, dress, personal hygiene, stay within the speed limits, and no alcoholic beverages while working as all these things can affect your ratings and company’s image.
  2. All social media and communication lines should be free of pornography, none job-related posts, unnecessary chatter, and ads.
  3. All information obtained through the app should be considered private and confidential. If this information is used to stalk harass, embarrass, solicit, or in any way distress anyone your conduct will be reported and you may be subject to the law as well as be removed from the app.
  4. Drivers are asked to have their phones nearby as job calls can come at any time. If you are indisposed, it is advised that you do not take the call.
  5. Sanitization of vehicle handles and public shared spaces should be done at the end of every fare or as often as possible.
  6. Booking calls can be received between 15 minutes to 1 hour before a scheduled pickup.  There is no limit to how many calls you can get a day.
  7. If an accepted job is to be canceled. It is recommended that the driver call the dispatcher first. Please avoid canceling accepted jobs as much as possible.
  8. When there’s a challenge with a guest, please allow them to communicate with the office to help resolve it.

As a public service driver, we expect this industry best practices will be utilized by all participants and a high level of service delivered. Beyond that, we accept that we are in the industry to do business and make money. The following is a list of things that must be submitted to be considered as a partner on the Let’s Go Bahamas Driver App:

  1. Public Service License
  2. Pleasant and clear profile picture
  3. Photo of vehicle commercial insurance
  4. Photo of the vehicle.
  5. For VIP Black/Silver $25 registration (subject to change) (Note if a driver wishes to be in more than one class he needs to pay an additional $15.00 (subject to change).

Note: There is no registration fee (subject to change) for Taxi or Delivery individually. The single registration will only be able to be seen and so receive calls in that category.

Please review the driver terms

Payment due are visible on your mobile device after every job is completed. They are also subtotaled for your convenience.

Payment will be processed every Tuesday and Friday via direct deposits to the bank accounts on file. All payments will take into account the jobs completed before 5:00 PM on Monday and Thursday respectively of the current week.


  1. How much can I make? As a driver, you can be paid for 1] driving over 2(two) Km to a pickup a guest, 2] waiting for more than 15 minutes after arrival, 3] after arriving for a pickup and the ride is cancled, 4] a fulfilling a booking, luggage charges, 5] incidental request charges (utilize additional fare charge), 6] special tours and reserved through dispatch, and 7] there is a charge added for time if the customer wishes to stop.
  2. Do I need to work every day? No, this is your business and you can operate it as you like. However, the system does require that you work or accept at least 5 calls a month.
  3. Am I required to wear a uniform? No, you are not required to. But we request that you keep the public service establish dress code. VIP Black/Silver is asked to wear a dark-colored suit when answering calls.
  4. Is there a probation period? No, but we remind everyone that the customer and driver rate the experience.
  5. Who pays NIB? Let’s Go Bahamas is not responsible for paying any driver NIB as this is a contractual partnership.
  6. If a problem arises with a customer during a ride? The following industry recommends protocols. In medical emergencies call 919 and drive to the nearest medical facility. If it is of a different nature then the nearest police stations may be the best course of action.
  7. Can I register two vehicles? Yes
  8. How does it work? Click here

The difference between the areas begins with the type of vehicles, then to the rate that is offered and the level of service required.

We can establish that every driver registered on our service is a qualified professional and has the ability to deliver a quality product. We can also accept that everyone, is here to increase their take-home, do better business, and increase their customer base.

  • Taxi Classification: The vehicles in this class may be considered small to medium size and classed as taxis. The rate applied is the same per km for Business Class but the base is set at $20.00 (subject to change). Drivers are regulated by the public service act dress code. The anticipated service is professional, clean, on time and safe.
  • ¬†Business/ Delivery: The vehicles in this class may be considered large high-end vehicles but not required to be under 7 yrs old. The rate applied to this class is set at a base of $45.00 (subject to change). Please note that the driver in this class are required to wear a tie and be ready to offer a higher level of service.

This class is reserved for those who have made a significant investment in their business. VIP Black/ Sliver is as the name suggest catering to the high-end service. The area begins with a monthly introductory registration of $25.00 (subject to change). The base rate is $100.00 (subject to change) in this class and the add on charges are exclusively are in $10.00 increments. What are the qualities of VIP Black/ Silver?

  • Vehicles: High-end large vehicles no later than 7 years old. (Inclusive of limousines)
  • The chauffeur has to be in the preferred dark-colored suit with a tie when working.
  • The level of service should be always ultra-high.
  • Drivers are well-manered individuals who are patient, prepared, and well-advised.

You can do this all on your own!

  1. Pre app launch registration requires that you email or Whatsapp 242-801-8007 for the app link to match your device. Android or iPhone
  2. Install the app. (iPhone users need to trust the developer before launch)
  3. Go through the process to registered your mobile device. This is for security, your account details as it relates to your earning, guest calling, and more.
  4. Upload the required documents (Public Service license, Profile pic that the guest will see, Insurance, and photo of your vehicle.
  5. Await approval (usually in 24 hours) of the document.

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